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For the twentieth anniversary of the community of the little sisters disciples of the Lamb ( The June 11, 2005 ) :

Homily of Archbishop Pierre Plateau - Archbishop Emeritus of Bourges

"For the Mass of that day, the Church makes us gift of this beautiful Gospel passage, for the feast of St. Barnabas. He was one of the first companions of the apostles, especially of St. Paul to preach Good News to those who were not born in the Jewish religion: The religion of Mary and Jesus and all their ancestors. These early preachers have done much good. They lived in poverty, healed the sick, and forgave sins. They brought peace to all who welcomed them. All were very happy and thanked God for having been chosen to be the disciples of Christ, his beloved Son.

Dear Little Sisters, like them, you heard the call of Christ to follow him. You told him YES, and you gave it all your life, because you like Him. But it is Him who has loved you first, as you are, with your difference, sometimes heavy to carry.

Because he loves you, Jesus has called you, probably because he wants that your small community testifies before the world, sometimes very selfish, the tenderness of God for all those who recognize themselves small before Him and prove capable to love as much and probably more than others. This is your way to you to proclaim the Good News!

You said Yes to Jesus when you are enter this religious family of little sisters disciples of the Lamb and especially when you have professed. I was there on behalf of the Church to bless your first step. Every year, if you wish, you reiterate your YES to Jesus for a new stage in his wake, by praying and singing to him the praise of poor humans we are, at that Heavenly Father who loves us so much, at his Son Jesus Christ who gave his life for us and at the Holy Spirit who is love and teaches us to love and walk in the light in the middle of this world often so dark and sad.

The pretty name that your religious family has chosen when the Church, by my department, agreed to recognize it, has been inspired by the beautiful book of the Apocalypse, which ends the Bible, the great book of God's word . One of you just now, has read a passage. This is the story in picture of what life will be in heaven when Jesus and his Church on earth will have completed their fight against the spirit of evil. By the sacrifice of his life, Christ has saved us from sin. It is represented as a lamb in memory of the Passover Lamb that our Jewish ancestors ate in family, the Easter Day, to celebrate the anniversary of their liberation from slavery in which the Egyptians held them.

Jesus, as the slain Passover Lamb, is offered to the faithful to give them eternal life, to rise with him to the end of the world. The faithful, in this narrative, are presented as the "Disciples of the Lamb." We have all become, through the faith of our baptism, the Lamb of disciples. And you, Jesus has called you to become our little sisters in the faith. Thus wanted the love of Christ, the slain Lamb for the salvation of the world.

Maybe you and your friends worry that you are still so few. What will be your future? This is the secret of God. Statistics and numbers do not matter to Him, "Do not torment you of nothing ... Our Father knows what you need. Seek His Kingdom and the rest will be given you besides. Clear your fears, little herd; it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom "(Luke 12: 29-32). No doubt, the Lord chose to write with you and for you one of the finest pages of his Gospel of Life, which our beloved Pope John Paul II spoke so fervently. In the Church of her Son, Our Lady watches over us. Be in Peace! Thank you to the Fathers Benedictines of Fontgombault in the parish of Le Blanc and his pastor, to surround yourself with their vigilant friendship.

God bless you all! ".



"If anyone is little, let him come to me." Prov. 9,4
"To be Holy, you must love God,, that is all"(Ste Bernadette)


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