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The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb

The Institute of the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, with a contemplative vocation , offers young girls with Down syndrome the possibility of religious vocation.

This achievement is only possible because it is supported by valid sisters who answered a call to love little ones by dedicating themselves to God with their sisters with disabilities to form with them one community.

Community founded in 1985 and erected in religious Institute with contemplative life by the Archbishop of Bourges, Monsignor Pierre Plateau in 1999.

On December 15, 2011 : Bishop Maillard , Archbishop of Bourges, definitively approves the Constitutions of the Institute of the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb .
From the beginning of the Foundation, the abbot of Fontgombault , Dom Antoine FORGEOT was a real father and a great support for the Community. Thus were born the links with the Benedictine Abbey


It all started with the meeting of two young women : Mother Line (now prioress of the community) and Sister Veronique, a young woman with Down syndrome , religious today.

Mother Line has then detected in the young Veronique a true vocation. She knew she would need help because all the religious communities in which she presented herself, had been reluctant to take her. Year after year, the community - recognized by the Church and led by the Holy Spirit - has adapted to the Down's Syndrome and to the religious life with a disability.


If the Lord calls you, "Do not be afraid , " ( Pope John Paul II) to dedicate yourself to God with the smallest ones ... in witness to the Gospel of Life ( Encyclical of Pope John Paul II) .





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